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  The treatments that I received allowed me to avoid invasive medical tests and back surgery. I have experience with acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbal treatment. I believe that Medicinal Qigong and cupping treatments were the most powerful treatments I received to help me to restore my body to a more healthful condition
  I can't say enough good things about my experience with Vadim.  The treatments and results far exceeded any expectations.  I am excited to recommend Vadim to my friends and family."  

Jessica Siegel
Patients' Testimonials:

Christina Samaniego  
My family and I have also witnessed the restorative effects of Medicinal Qigong. Vadim has lovingly treated my two children, who are 1 ½ years old and 7 years old. He has effectively treated us for a variety of health ailments ranging from the common cold to childhood asthma. To my amazement, in only one of two treatments, we were healthy again. 

Falena Bentabou

Meg Flynn

I was surprised at the powerful response to the treatment. I went in expecting this to be like a watered down version of acupuncture, but let me tell you, this is not so. 
After the treatment, I felt filled with a quality of peace and abundance that calmed me down and relaxed me for several days. My chief complaint had been insomnia, and I slept very deeply that night and the treatment allowed me to make an adjustment in my patterns so that I began to let go of the stress that I carried through to the end of the day. 
While Vadim was working on me, I felt many of the energy channels, with which I am familiar from acupuncture, pulsing and moving with energy. This created a sense of vitality so that after the treatment I felt both deeply relaxed and energized.  
Vadim who is a tall and strong man, does have a very grounding touch, but what I found both surprising and gratifying was the profound sense of nurturing I experienced while he was working on me. I am not used to receiving much nurturance from men and like most men I think I just forget to look for that. That touched me very deeply. I left the session with an inner sense of strength and quietude, and I attribute this to the transmission of both Yin and Yang energy that I received from him. To me this is the mark of a high level practitioner that can cultivate a balance within themselves of both the masculine and the feminine polarity.
In order for anyone to really be successful at healing through Qigong they need to cultivate and purify their own energy. Vadim teaches Qigong as well as practicing it as a healer. I have taken several classes with him and I am impressed with his commitment and knowledge in these areas. He has a long history of working with martial art masters, teachers and healers and this comes across as a man who practices the Medical Qigong healing art as a way of life and not only a livelihood.

Michael Bailey

 He is a great healer. Give him a try and see for yourself.
 I am happy, he came into my life! Bless your hands Vadim, they are very healing!

Tamara Schulim

Karen Clark

Linda Wilhelm

       Thank you Vadim!

Luke Esquivel

Sandra Stacey
I also highly recommend his Qigong classes. He is an excellent teacher - extremely thorough, supportive, and again, clearly -- very knowledgeable. He really goes into the details of each movement so students learn everything the right way from the beginning and therefore get the best results.

Arianna S.

Rey Galan

Anna Ling