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About myself and my services:
My name is Vadim Derevyanko, Certified in Medical Qigong Practitioner and Medical Qigong Instructor and certified by Grandmaster Xu Mingtang instructor of the 1st level Zhong Yuan Qigong school. I am California State Licensed Acupuncturist with a Masters of Science degree in Chinese Medicine from Acupuncture Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley, California. I immigrated to the US from Ukraine in 1997 with a background of a Gong Fu martial artist; I have been a Long-Hu Quan (Dragon-Tiger style)  practitioner for more than 15 years. Martial Qigong was a big part of my Gong Fu practice. Practicing martial arts for a long time and being raised in family of medical doctors, I was always interested in Chinese Medicine. After many changes in life, I finally found my place in this world studying and practicing Chinese medicine and martial arts. I have a great passion for healing using the skills Chinese medicine has to offer. I am excited about the chance I now have to help people get back to wellness and harmony in their body and soul. I was trained by Doctor of Medical Qi Gong Suzanne Friedman. After completing in March of 2007 Medical Qigong Therapy Certification Program at the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley, I was certified as a Medical Qigong Therapy Practitioner (CMQ) and Medical Qigong instructor. 3 years I was teaching Qigong future acupunturists at AIMC , Berkeley and for 1,5 years was working there as a supervisor of the Medical Qigong Clinic as well. I am also teaching private and group Qigong  and Gong Fu Long Hu Quan and Chen Family Tai Ji Quan classes for public in Livermore, Walnut Creek and continue improving my Gong Fu, Qigong and Chen Family Tai Ji. 
 My main specialty is Medicinal Qigong therapy along with AcupunctureCupping, Gua Sha and Chinese therapeutical massageChinese Herbal Medicine and Nutrition. Selection of the type of treatment is based on principles of Chinese medical diagnosis and can be adjusted to a personal patient preference. Session can be from 30 min to 1-1,5 hrs. long. From Chinese Medicine stand point human body consist of three bodies: Physical body, Energetical body and Spiritual body. Every organ in the body has relation to some emotions. If the organ is out of balance it manifests in abnormal behavior of the person and effecting funtcioning of other organs in the body. By bringing back to balance flow of energy in organs and their related channels, we recover harmony in one's emotions, -- spiritual body. If someone has gone through serious stress in his life, has grief, sadness, irritability, stuck with some thoughts in their mind that do not let them enjoy life, fear, lack of confidence, or  too much unreasonable excitement, these are all signs of imbalance of Spiritual body, related to different organs' problems and can be cured. Chinese medicine offers a lot of different approaches to healing one's physical, energetical, and spiritual body, and Medicinal Qigong therapy is one of the best modalities for this kind of treatment. As a part of session a patient will have a chance to be consulted in possible change in eating habbits
 combined with Herbal treatments, and adjusting life style in order to improve overall wellbeing of the pa
I see my mission in community in helping as many people as I can using knowledge of Chinese Medicine and educating people about holistic way of living, based on the knowledge accumulated by Chinese culture for more than few thousand years. I am promoting preventive medicine and strengthening your health via healthy life style in harmony with nature and regualr practice of Qigong and martial arts. 

Me and my baby daughter Elizaveta in Yosemite National Park